Denis Pugh's 100 Greatest Golf Tips


Golf DVD "Denis Pugh's 100 Greatest Golf Tips"


As well as being a renowned all round coach (who has coached the likes of Colin Montgomerie) Denis Pugh also specialises in teaching swing technique; he is swing coach for both of the Molinari brothers. 

A previous Tour player himself, Denis has decades of golfing experience, and in his latest DVD he will be sharing his Greatest 100 Golf Tips with you.

Denis Pugh Golf DVD

Over these 3 DVDs he will talk you through every aspect of your game, and will share his golf tips on a wide range of topics:

-Improving your swing

-Different swing techniques

-Techniques to improve your consistency

-Escaping the rough and bunkers

-Perfect putting action and techniques

-Playing in inclement weather 

There are also numerous drills and exercises that he suggests for improving your game. With over 3 hours of footage this set will be sure to raise your game, though we can't guarantee that you'll be winning 8 European Tours any time soon!