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Denis Pugh's 100 Greatest Golf Tips
Pete Cowen Swing and Bunker Master Class
Learn swing and bunker technique from Pete Cowen, Europe's No1 Golf Coach
Pete Cowen Pyramid of Learning Golf DVD
Learn the golf swing techniques used by Europe's top players from their coach Pete Cowen.
Pete Cowen Ripple Effect DVD
Pete Cowen is Europe's No1 Golf Coach. Learn his technique to building control from bunkers.

Downloadable Videos Downloadable Videos

Pocketshots Video Swing - Fundamentals
iPhone and iPod golf swing video lesson covering tips, technique and practice drills.
Pocketshots Video Mental Game
iPod and iPhone mental game golf video lesson covering mental game preparation and strategy.
Pocketshots Video Short Game
iPhone and iPod golf short game video lesson covering golf tips, golf technique and practice drills.
Pocketshots Video Putting - Fundamentals
Complete putting video lesson covering tips, technique and practice drills for iPhones and iPods.

Audio CDs

Pocketshots TM Pocketshots

Pocketshots - Bunker - Fundamentals
A pocket-sized golf book of bunker play tips, technique and practice drills from Mark Holland.
Pocketshots - Fitness - Fit For Golf
World leading golf fitness trainer Ramsay McMaster's tips on golf fitness and golf warm-ups.
Pocketshots - Fitness - Strength For Golf
Expert golf fitness trainer and physio Ramsay McMaster's tips on building strength and flexibility.
Pocketshots - Mental Game - Effective Practice
Europe's leading expert on the mental game of golf with expert tips on practising golf effectively.
Pocketshots - Mental Game - On The Course
Europe's leading golf mind guru gives you a great lesson on how to control your mental game.
Pocketshots - Putting - Fundamentals
Buy this complete putting lesson from the world's leading authority on putting Harold Swash.
Pocketshots - Short Game - Fundamentals
Learn the fundamental principles of the short game of golf in this book of short game tips.
Pocketshots - Short Game - Speciality Shots
Advanced short game shot saving tips for golfers by leading PGA Master Professional Keith Williams.
Pocketshots - Swing - Fundamentals
Learn a simple and repeatable 4 Stage Golf Swing Model by London's oldest golf school.