Golf Tips - Gift Pack Volume 1

Christmas Golf Gift Set of Tips for golfers

Develop the perfect golf swing lesson Bunker play Improve your golf with the perfect short game technique
Get Fit For Golf Lesson and Tips Golf lesson on the mental game Putting tips and instruction advice

Pocketshots™ are clever fold-out lessons containing game enhancing drills, tips and lessons from some of the best experts in golf including coaches to major champions, Ryder Cup stars and European Tour winners.  Coaches include; Harold Swash - putting guru; Mental Game expert Karl Morris; Short Game guru PGA Master Professional Keith Williams; Ramsay McMaster Australian Golf Injury Clinic, Mark Holland, Head Coach of the Australian Institute of Sport and Steve Goud and Dave Wilkinson from London's Knightsbridge Golf School.

This is an ideal gift pack for an experienced golfer or for someone new to the game. The reason is simple; each PocketshotsTM is an individual expert lesson on a key area of golf. With practice it provides you with a bite-sized formula to improve your all round game in a manner that ensures every aspect of your game improves but allows you to focus on one part of the game at the time.

What a great present - unlike a golf book or a golf magazine subscription, this golf gift pack can be spilt into six which means it's an an ideal stocking filler and an ideal present for the whole family to share.

This first golfing gift pack contains all you need to know about the fundamentals of the game and contains some great advice, instruction, practice drills and practical suggestions on how you can improve your game. This gift pack contains:

Swing - Fundamentals

Learn what 90% of golfers do wrong and a simple 4 Stage Swing Model - By Steve Gould and D J Wilkinson from Knightsbrigdge Golf School, London's most famous golf school.

Putting - Fundamentals

Learn the 4 Fundamentals of Putting and Practice Drills used by the Pros - By Harold Swash, arguably the world's number 1 putting guru. He coached 8 of the 12 Europeans on the winning 2006 Ryder Cup team and we all know how well they can putt!

Bunker - Fundamentals

Learn how to move the sand to control the ball from greenside bunkers - By Mark Holland, PGA AAA Coach and one of Australia's top golf coaches.

Mental Game - Effective Practice

Learn practice techniques for the range that help you mentally prepare - By Karl Morris one of Europe's leading sports golf mind coaches.

Fitness - Fit For Golf

Learn how to warm-up and deal with tension and anxiety during a round - By Ramsay McMaster one of the world's leading golf physiotherapists.

Short Game - Fundamentals

Learn a good system for pitching and chipping and easy practice drills - By PGA Master Professional and former English National Coach, Keith WIlliams.

Sorry the cases are no longer available - please order the Pocketshots individually.