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Pocketshots VideoTM "Swing - Fundamentals" by Steve Gould, D J Wilkinson, Andy Pharro and Philip Bryden from the Knightsbridge Golf School

This PocketshotsTM video is brought to you by Steve Gould, D.J. Wilkinson, Andy Pharro and Philip Bryden. They have coached at the world famous Knightsbridge Golf School in London for over 35 years. The golf school was started by golfing legend Leslie King who developed the first model swing based on the best players in the world in the 1930s. Over the years they have coached lots of stars of the game such as Gary Player, Stephen Ames, Julie Inkster as well as famous stars like Sean Connery, Des Lynam and Hugh Grant.



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Sequence Title Size (MB) Running Time
1 Introduction to Swing Fundamentals 7.2 01:13
2 90% of Golfers Share the Same Faults 7.1 01:13
3 The Model Swing 7.2 01:11
4 3 Swing Laws 4.7 00:52
5 Address Position 7.7 01:12
6 The Grip 6.9 01:11
7 Purpose of the Backswing 5.9 01:02
8 4 Stage Swing Model 12.6 02:15
9 Exercise 1 - Correct Takeaway to Halfway Back 9.3 01:29
10 Exercise 2 - Correct Halfway Through 5.9 01:00
11 Exercise 3 - Hitting Shots to the 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 Finish 7.1 01:11
12 One Handed Practice Drill 4.8 00:52
13 Summary - Swing Fundamentals 8.1 01:24
  Total 94.5 16:05

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