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Pete Cowen Golf DVD Customer Survey Results

  • 100% of golfers surveyed thought Pete Cowen’s instruction was good or excellent.
  • 97.8% of golfers surveyed would buy another DVD from Pete Cowen.
  • 93.5% of golfers found the DVDs easy or very easy to understand. 
  • 97.3% of golfers said the DVDs had helped them improve their game.
  • 92.9% of purchasers thought the production qualities were above average.
  • 93.4% of golfers surveyed thought the DVDs were good value for money.

What Golfers say about our Customer Service

I received the DVD with the extra's and cover letter you also very kindly included!!
I would like to say  thank you very very much for doing this and providing excellent customer service. This is often disregarded by most services so it is refreshing to have received this. It is very much appreciated and i will also be recommending your products to friends and collegues. The products you are providing are of an excellent standard, I have not come across such a high standard collection of first class coaching products.
M Quek, UK,
January 2008
You are brilliant! I received the DVDs on Saturday. Thanks a million. Hope to buy more training aids from dizzyheights in the near future especially the pocketshots leaflets.
S Gabriel, Singapore
January 2008
Yesterday the package arrived in my mailbox with the two DVD’s inside and in good condition. Again my thanks for your excellent service and customer care. If you respond to all customers in the same way you will go far. If I knew your managers name I would cc him and ask that he recognize your excellent customer service.
I Paterson, Australia,
January 2008

European Tour Players Views on Pete Cowen

Lee WestwoodLee Westwood....."Pete is very knowledgeable about the golf swing and the game of golf in general. He's probably the best bunker coach I've ever seen".


Thomas Bjorn Thomas Bjorn on Pete: “Of all the golf coaches I’ve met in my life, I’ve not met anybody that’s got as big a knowledge of the game as he does”.


Simon Dyson Simon Dyson, “I think he’s one of the best coaches in the world”.


Darren Clarke Darren Clarke, “Pete’s been there for me every step of the way. My two World Golf Championship wins were solely down to Pete”.


John Bickerton John Bickerton, “I’d been on tour 10 years and never won… in the past 2 years we’ve been working together we’ve had two wins”.


Mark Foster Mark Foster, “His knowledge of the swing is second to none really. He eats, sleeps and drinks golf really”.



Golfers Reviews - Pete Cowen Golf Instruction DVDs

Top instructor to top players. This DVD is very easy to follow and must help your game.
Mr David Coyle, UK, June 2007

I am very pleased with "The Ripple Effect" by Pete Cowen and have no doubt that with some quality practice time my sand game will show real solid improvement.
Mr William Baker, U.S.A, June 2007

I’ve spent 40 years studying the golf swing and I feel that this method is as good as anything I’ve ever seen and it’s one I’ll be sticking with. The DVD is far more informative than the excellent instruction in Golf International; pictures really do speak a thousand words. Overall it’s a superb piece of teaching.
Mr Tom Holton, U.K, July 2007

Received the DVD today, Thanks for replying and for the excellent DVD, it is one of the best golf instructional films I have seen.
Mr C Johnson, U.K. 7 Handicap, July 2007

Brilliant clarity. Fantastic detail. From an instruction point of view it’s easy to understand and not complicated. Some of the key points are helpfully repeated and summarised. I much prefer it to the Leadbetter DVDs which were longer, more complicated DVDs that didn’t move on quick enough. Just excellent!
T Green, January 2008
Both Pete Cowen DVDs were very good and have resulted in better ball striking and much greater success out of bunkers (which is just as well as our greenkeeper has added thirty new ones in preparation for the Brabazon trophy at my club!!)
Geoff French, 20 handicap(at present !)Trevose Golf Club, UK, February 2008
Both dvd's were excellent, giving clear and precise information which will benefit golfers of all levels, so much so I have taken lessons at the Pete Cowen academy in Sheffield.
Michael Emmerson, Handicap 14, February 2008
I found the DVD's very easy to follow and gave very sound advice. As Pete says attitude and practice are the keys. 
Ian Paterson, Handicap 17, February 2008, Australia
A bunker system which is easy to understand with results and control immediate. 
Ian Brown, Handicap 5, UK, February 2008
Excellent DVD. Peter does a good job and shows the fundamentals in a simple way. Peter teaches a "hitters" swing type in a excellent way. Only thing that I missed, was some sequences on hitting a driver.
Bob Rogan, Handicap 18, February 2008, Australia
My name is Franck Ollivier Pro Pga Switzerland Class A, peter's teaching is perfect, i would like to take some lessons with him, could you help me to discuss with him.
Thanks. Best regards. Franck
Franck Ollivier, Pro Pga Switzerland Class A, February 2008
Please keep me informed when you have any more instruction videos to purchase by Pete Cowen. thanks 
A Dadamo, UK, February 2008
Peter is by far the best teacher I have ever seen. You can not go wrong in making another DVD with him.
Steve Hatton, UK, February 2008
I have always found getting out of bunkers to be a nightmare. Last year it took me eleven shots to get out of a deep green side bunker and ruined my medal card. After watching the Ripple Effect, I realised exactly what I was doing wrong. Pete describing my normal shot exactly, being one that lands low and turns viciously to the right, if it comes out at all. I practiced Pete's basic technique for only 15 minutes. Next monthly medal I finished in the same bunker, only this time, not only did I get out first time, I holed it for a birdie. I keep referring to The Ripple Effect and I no longer fear going into any bunker, because I know using Pete's technique I will get out every time. This has completely changed my game, as I can now attack pins without worrying about ruining my score by going in a bunker.
Sandy Frew, 18 Handicap, UK, February 2008
I find these 2 DVDs very instructive and easy to understand the message. I would recommend these 2 DVDs to all golfers so they have a profound better knowledge about the game and how it is played. Good luck and I am sure You will improve Your Game.
Henrik Lundqvist, Swedish and Norwegian Swing Coach, February 2008
Tried the bunker lesson dvd. A different method than any I've tried before but it works. Give it a go.
Barry Himsworth, UK, February 2008
I felt compelled to contact you I recently purchased Pete Cowen -Pyramid of Learning, I have been an avid collector of tips and instruction over the past few years. However this DVD was remarkable -simple and clear swing thoughts. Most importantly it provided me with a comfort and confidence in my swing I was able to play the golf I knew I had in me. Last two scoring rounds Gross 80 (net 64) Gross 75 (net 61) I have went from 16.4 to 12.1 in a matter of weeks down to the outstanding instruction of Mr Cowen!
Thanks again
J Williamson, UK, May 2008
Having played golf for just over 2 years now and reaching 19HCP, I was at a point where I had hit a brick wall and would go out one day, play excellent and then the next, nothing the same. Having decided to do something about it I picked up this DVD and I have to say, it has been the most sound £15 investment that I have ever made. Simple, basic, no nonsense instruction that helps you build a solid foundation in which to develop your swing around, painlessly and surprisingly easy. I would recommend this product to all because put simply, it is the best golfing instruction DVD I have ever seen.
Mr A Hill, U.K 19 Handicap, July 2007

I have been playing the game a little over 50 years. Yesterday after my third birdie on the backside, my playing partners starting talking about shooting my age which is 74. I shot 78 with a double on each side, a three putt, and missed a couple of ones I normally make. I have been a single digit most of my life (down to 2 in late 80’s) but in the last couple of years low double digit. The Pyramid of Learning reinstated several things, mainly, the plane or Peter’s way of setting the right arm to get on plane, balance, and I had stopped turning thru the ball or I decided to turn faster – wrong – got stuck. Anyway good stuff from Peter. I am just beginning to work on the exercise of the spiral staircase body movements. Maybe I will shoot my age yet, but both playing partners cut me by two to three shots.
Mr J, USA, July 2007

I am a PGA golf professional in South Florida. I just received Pete Cowen’s video, the Pyramid of Learning which I think is great. Is there any other material written by him that I could purchase?
Mr B Crissy, PGA Pro, USA.
August 2007

Dear Pete
I received the CD yesterday and watched it all. I must congratulate you for doing it very well. The best piece of advice for me is the bit on rotating the right foreman correctly when delivering the club to the ball. As you said, we all read about rolling the forearms at the impact area. I don't get consistent striking by doing it (this is too much of a guesswork). I can actually relate my good previous shots with this correct rotation of the right foreman although I did not realise this was the reason at the time. I tried it out today and my ball striking has got more solid. Thanks a lot, Pete!
Mr R Lung, UK June 2007

As a PGA Professional myself I would have to say the "Ripple Effect" Bunker Lesson DVD is the best I have ever seen, simply enough for a beginner to understand and detailed enough for advanced players to learn from.
R Alderson, PGA Pro, UK, October 2007

Having taken lessons with Pete before I thought I would buy the DVD to keep a check on things. Having never had a bunker lesson with Pete I decided I would also purchase the Ripple Effect DVD and found this to be extremely informative and helpful to improving my technique.
R Binney, Professional,England
October 2007

Best short game dvd I've seen....excellent
C Tucker, UK, October 2007

Very informative for any body who wants a better understanding of the mechanics of a swing.
P Thompson - professional, UK, October 2007

Aimed at more advanced player, Excellent instruction from top level tour coach - explanation and drills very well and clearly put across.Contained a large number of ideas new to me (So many instruction books and videos are just the same things re-hashed) I wish I had encountered the approach Pete Cowen has years ago - since viewing the DVD's (the sand play one in particular is very interesting).Cowen reveals a number of key things which top players do all the time I have played some of my most consistent golf ever in the 2 months I have owned them.
D Blunsden, Handicap 4, Liverpool, October 2007

Pete's teaching videos have dispelled many myths about the golf swing, confirming golf is an easy game made difficult by the many and varied methods of teaching.
Jim Lanceley, Hcp 13, UK, October 2007

This DVD (Pyramid of Learning) really backs up what I learnt on a Pete Cowen clinic. If you want to improve, you have to keep working on the basic fundamentals of the game. If you are prepared to commit yourself to what Pete teaches, this DVD gives you all the tools and knowledge to keep on improving.
Geoff, Hcp 4, Belgium, October 2007

Finally I understand the science behind bunker play. Now I can make the sand work for me!
Martin Kemp, Hcp 7, UK, October 2007

Excellent, clear and easy to follow instruction. Both key exercises are very helpful and promote to develop feels for the swing quite different from anything else I have read before.
Andreas Heinsius, 7 Handicap Living in London, U.K. (German national), October 2007

Professional Golf Magazine Reviews

Today's Golfer Magazine
Carly Cummins Instruction Editor

December 2006
"A great idea for golfers who don't know what to work on at the range.
These pocket sized tips books are practical, easy to follow and make practice sessions far more productive."

Golf Monthly Verdict January 2007
We found Pocketshots to be a unique training aid because they are just so portable and easy to use when you are at the range. The tips are explained in easy-to-follow steps and there is no doubt that golfers of all standards will find something they can work with. The professionals involved are all experienced and knowledgeable, which is reflected in the advice they give. Golf Monthly has no hesitation in recommending this product, which offers good value for money and will be particularly useful for those of us who find themselves hitting balls aimlessly during practice.

Golfers Reviews - Pocketshots™ Golf Tips

I just watched all of the Mental Game videos. The coaching on them was worth more than the price of the entire set. My son is a competitive archer and he learned from them. And he has a $60 per hour Olympic coach!
Mr. James Morse, USA, January 2007

My handicap is 15, out from 13 during last year. I had been reasonably consistent but of late my game had got so bad that I was beginning to despair!! .....I'd get one part of it back and another bit would go, and that's how I went throughout last year, and the winter wasn't much better. I really wasn't looking forward to my year as Captain, playing such rubbish...!! So, to start, I had a good look at all of the Pocketshots Swing fundamentals and then spent quite a bit of time just slowly swinging the club as per the instructions and the exercises. I'm lucky to have a room in the house that allows a full swing, and a business that allows me some flexibility...I had to be in the Club this evening (Wednesday 4ball comp), and went out for a few holes before we lost the light. Results were dramatic! Played four holes - 4 pars! Haven't had that consistency for a long time....I know one swallow doesn't make a summer and all of that, but four out of four greens in regulation, especially after the crap that I have been playing, well that's just brilliant, and with very little practice. It'll be really interesting to see how I get on with the rest of the programme.
R Fitzgerald, Northern Ireland, April 2007

Pocketshots are great for range. Pocketshots videos are excellent and play well on my iPod classic. I find the instruction simple and straightforward and easy to follow. The layout is good as you can pick particular aspects of the instruction as required without going through whole series. The Ripple Effect is class. Pete Cowen has an authority about him that makes you listen, believe, and almost compels you to practice.
M Murphy, Ireland, October 2007