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Have a look at our blog, Nearly Single Figures to read my experience and attempt to lower my handicap to single figures. Or, have a look and learn more about the game and how to improve your swing!

Product Reviews

"A great idea for golfers who don't know what to work on at the range. 
These pocket sized tips books are practical, easy to follow and make practice sessions far more productive."

Today's Golfer Magazine Carly Cummins Instruction Editor, December 2006

"The DVD is well titled - it is a Masterclass. As with Cowen's Swing Masterclass, all aspects of bunker play are simply and concisely explained and if the teaching is followed (no more extreme out-to-in swings) it will improve any golfer's bunker play. Highly recommended."

Amazon Customer, 17th June 2012

"Straight forward, easy to follow and immediately effective. There’s a series of articles in Golf International Magazine that matches the video. Having both was very helpful."

Warren Arbuckle, 8th May 2017

About Us

Dizzy Heights is a company selling products to help improve your golfing abilities. We sell a range of products which have been influenced by some of the top coaches in the game to provide you with the best tips and tricks to up your game.