Add a Computer to Your Golf Glove and Save Shots

When I first picked this up I thought this might be an expensive gimmick. But boy was I wrong! This has proved to be one of the most useful training aids I have tried and for £49.95 + p&p it’s good value too.






SensoGlove is simply a normal cabretta leather glove with a built-in computer that continuously reads your grip pressure. You can use it with any club and receive audio and visual feedback about the exact grip pressure on the club at address and during your swing.






Working on the “tight muscles are slow muscles” theory, I have been using this in my pre-round warm-ups and I have been hitting the ball further than ever before. By pinpointing areas of tension in my fingers at address and during my swing, I have managed to improve my rhythm and tempo resulting in more consistent ball striking. It’s even proved useful for chipping, pitching and putting.






What I like about this most is that it’s one of only a few golf training aids that you can use on the practice range and during a practice round. Replacement gloves are available for £11.20 + p&p from .