Dr. Karl Morris Golf Tips

I've been trying something really simple for my last couple of rounds and it seems to be working as my scores are slowly falling (I shot 10 over last week, which is my season's best). Following the advice of Dr Karl Morris one of Europe's leading sports psychologists I've been trying this simple 3 tasks approach.


Basically, from the first tee to the last green for every shot just focus on the same 3 things only. In my case it has been;


1. Visualise the shot all the way, including its trajectory and reaction on landing.


2. Take 1 practice swing only standing behind the ball (only once I have a clear picture of the shot from point 1).


3. Make and slowly release a full deep breath before each shot and then approach the ball.


It's been working for me. You can see some of Dr.Karl Morris' on http://www.golf-brain.com/.