Why Sky Caddie Will Help Your Course Management and Save You Shots

It’s like SatNav for the golf course, but it’s much easier to use than the one in my car, and it doesn’t have that monotone voiced woman telling me I’ve ‘driven’ in the wrong direction. I love this gadget; it is proving itself to be a really useful course management aid. By giving you targets to aim for and to avoid, it helps you make better decisions off the tee. Using the Driver less often, I have been finding more fairways and greens in regulation, which has got to be a good route to saving shots.

Sky Caddie

At £299.95 it’s not cheap. After all you could have your choice of drivers for this kind of money. But I would lay a £10 bet that you would save more shots on your next round with SkyCaddie in your hand, than a new driver in your bag! http://www.skygolfgps.com/.


The only potential drawback is that your playing partners will start asking you for distances from around the 2nd hole until the end of the round – Tell them to get their own!