Bunker Masterclass The Ripple Effect

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Apart from being an excellent all round coach, Pete is renowned for his bunker technique and works with many top players on this aspect of their game. 

In this DVD he lets you into his simple bunker technique which will have you controlling the ball from the sand in no time at all.

Learn why your current bunker technique is flawed.

Learn why there is no such thing as a bad lie in a bunker.

Learn how to use “The Ripple Effect™” to build control from bunkers.

Setup - The correct setup position and practice station and the limitations of your current setup

“The Ripple Effect™” - Pete’s specialist technique to get the sand moving the ball in the right way

Grip - A specialist “Butterfly Grip” for bunker play

Club selection - The correct way to make the ‘bounce’ work

Shot Making - Control distance, trajectory and the spin so when the ball hits the green it releases like a putt

Different Shots - Basic sand shot, Soft shot, High shot, Release shot, Long shots, Spin Shot

Different Lies - clean, uphill, downhill, plugged, poached egg, heel mark, rake mark

Advice for Ladies - things you can do to make bunker play easy

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