Swing Masterclass the Pyramid of Learning

DVD by Pete Cowen Swing Masterclass - The Pyramid of LearningPeter Cowen back, with golf club over shoulder

Peter Cowen is a PGA Master Professional and is recognised as one of the best coaches in the world. In terms of player victories he is the most successful coach on the European Tour. He continues to work with the very best players in the game and for the first time ever has agreed to share the secrets he normally only shares with his players, with you!

The Pyramid of Learning provides a progressive journey through the entire golf swing, and includes useful tips, practice drills and exercises for both on and off the golf course.

The Pyramid of Learning will give you a simple and easy guide to successful golf. It is a technique that has helped many of Europe’s most successful European Tour players and which will bring you similar success.


Level 1 - Solid Foundations

Level 2 - Dynamic Body Movement




Body Action


Arm Swing

Arm Hang and Grip

Hand Action

Body Position

Path & Plane


Level 3 - Power

Level 4 - Attitude

Hand-eye Co-ordination


Angle of Attack

Pre-Shot Routine

Speed & Pressure

Practice Drills


This video features a clip from the DVD showing one of Pete’s signature exercises: The Spiral Staircase.

Peter Cowen in a red shirt preparing to hit a golf ball

A lot of people have the conception that weight moves from your left to right foot during the backswing; Pete's work with leading players has demonstrated that in a correct on-plane golf swing the weight works up and around the body like a spiral staircase. Pete’s unique drill is used daily by top players such as Henrik Stenson to help create the correct body action in the golf swing. Buy the DVD and you will discover how to incorporate drills like this to improve the consistency and power of your golf swing.

This video features player interviews from a few of the players that have worked with Pete, including European Tour winners and Ryder Cup stars such as Darren Clarke, Thomas Bjorn and Simon Dyson.


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