Bunker Masterclass the Ripple Effect

DVD Video by Pete Cowen - Bunker Masterclass The Ripple Effect

Pete Cowen preparing to hit golf ball in sandApart from being an excellent all round coach, Pete is renowned for his bunker technique and works with many top players on this aspect of their game. In this DVD he lets you into his simple bunker technique which will have you controlling the ball from the sand in no time at all.

  • Learn why your current bunker technique is flawed
  • Learn why there is no such thing as a bad lie in a bunker
  • Learn how to use "The Ripple Effect" to build control from bunkers

This video features a clip from the DVD showing Pete how to execute a simple bunker shot.

 Pete Cowen wearing a red shirt, after hitting a golf ball in the sand.

In this clip Pete touches on a few of the fundamental techniques that his top players use to control the ball out of the sand. Most amateurs stand too open to the ball and open the club face; this puts too much left to right spin on the ball and means you cannot control the ball when it lands on the green (that’s if you manage to get it out of the bunker!). With Pete’s technique if you setup correctly, and square the toe to the heel with a turn of the body and swing of the arms then you can start to strike the sand in a way that helps you control the flight, trajectory and roll of the ball on landing. All of these factors are covered in some depth on the DVD.

This video features player interviews from a few of the players that have worked with Pete, including European Tour winners and Ryder Cup stars such as Darren Clarke, Thomas Bjorn and Simon Dyson.


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