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Ramsay was a world leader in the field of Golf Physiotherapy. As director of the Melbourne Golf Injury Clinic he gave golf specific programs to over 5,000 golfers. A consultant to individual players on every Tour in the world (11 Tours) and a consultant Physiotherapist to US, British, Irish, Australian and New Zealand PGAs amongst others. This is the first of two Pocketshot editions on getting fit for golf. In this edition he covers your posture and how to prepare your muscles for golf.


The 7 Deadly Sins Of Golf Warm-Ups

You have got to get your body acclimatised to play golf, which is why it is important to understand how you could be destroying not only your round, but also your body if you warm-up incorrectly.


1. Rushing to the golf course

By doing this you will be putting tension in your body on the first tee, which will also affect your rhythm.

Ramsay McMaster Dragging golf bag and clubs along the ground


2. Dragging your golf bag and clubs

Pulling and gripping hard on a bag puts a lot of tension through your biceps, neck and shoulders and a lot of damage can be caused if both straps are not used correctly.

Ramsay McMaster reaching forward to tough his toes



3. Bouncing forward to touch your toes.

This puts a lot of pressure through your back. You should be trying to encourage extension by stretching their spine backwards – which is opposite to bending in forward flexion. You can strain your back by bouncing rather than slowly stretching.

Ramsay McMaster demonstrating poor rotation sequencing with a golf club behind his back



4. Poor rotation sequencing.

Many amateurs put a club behind their back and turn from side to side. A lot of golfers bend their knees when they warm up like this, so they do not use using their upper body and arms when they rotate. This just reinforces knee bend and ‘armsy’ movements in the swing when you should be trying to stabilise your legs and lower abdominals. 


5. Warming up with multiple clubs.

Club golfers who do this often reverse pivot because they cannot control the load and momentum on their back. It totally destroys your feel when you over swing with three or four clubs at once. You may have heard how Vijay Singh warms up with a weighted club. But he’s worked on that for a long period of time and he has obviously got the control and power to do so.

Hitting woods warm up


6. Hitting woods to start a warm-up.

If you were going to chop wood, you would not take your biggest swing straight away. You would take short swings and build momentum. Do the same to build feel in your swing.

Hitting balls into hard surfaces


7. Hitting balls into nets off hard surfaces.

My advice is not to excessively hit balls off a hard surface, especially if you have a steep swing. I recommend using a tee and taking your time; otherwise you will jar your body and alter co-ordination. 


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