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Karl Morris is one of Europe’s leading golf specific mind coaches, delivering cutting edge methods of peak performance and goal achievement to a range of clients across sports and business. From the world of golf, he has worked with players such as Darren Clarke, Paul McGinley, Graeme McDowell, Alison Nicholas and Trish Johnson to name a few. He has written and starred in the Pocketshot editions on the Mental side of the game.

In his second edition he shows you the tricks and technique used by some of the world's best players to help them perform better and shoot lower score. Here are a few examples of the mental game tips in this golf lesson:


Karl Morris holding stomach in a red shirt resting his hand on a golf club

Dealing With First Tee Nerves

Many golfers get first tee nerves.
Take charge of how you are feeling by focusing on your breathing.
It is impossible to be nervous and to be breathing correctly.
Instead of shallow breaths that are high in your chest focus on deep belly breaths.
Allow your belly to expand as you breathe in and then allow it to fully contract as you breathe out.
Spend a good few minutes with your attention on nothing other than the rise and fall of your breath.



You need to develop the ability to ‘Switch On and Switch Off’ your concentration.

Only 15% of the time that you are on the course are you actually playing golf, 85% of the time is the ‘In Between’.

Learn to switch on and switch off your concentration.

Begin your routine by having a definite start signal that triggers the brain to go into a state of focused concerntration.

In football it is easy because the referee’s whistle is an obvious and overt signal but you can condition your own golf brain to respond in much the same way.
Ideally your start signal should involve three of your major senses sight, listening and touch.
As a recommendation you could use your golf glove and go through the following procedure to trigger the routine.Man putting on a black golf glove with a red shirt and watch on


  • Take the glove out of your back pocket
  • Look at the logo on the glove (colour this in if you prefer)
  • Hear the Velcro ripping slowly
  • Feel the soft leather as you place the glove on your hand


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