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This Pocketshots is brought to you by D.J. Wilkinson and Steve Gould. They have coached at the world famous Knightsbridge Golf School in London for over 35 years. The golf school was started by golfing legend Leslie King who developed the first model swing based on the best players in the world in the 1930's. Over the years they have coached lots of stars of the game such as Gary Player, Stephen Ames, Julie Inkster as well as famous stars like Sean Connery, Des Lynam and Hugh Grant.

In this essential handy booklet they share the secrets that have helped thousands of golfers develop a sound and consistent golf swing. It contains all you need to know about establishing the fundamentals of a solid, repeatable golf swing.

  • Address Position
  • Pre-shot Routine
  • The Correct Swing Plane
  • 3 Swing Laws
  • 4 Swing Positions
  • Essential exercises to help you find the right swing

This edition is ideal for players who are new to the game and for established golfers who want to brush up on their fundamentals or who are struggling with any aspect of their swing.

If you fall into the latter category the chances are very high that your errors stem from a basic fault in a fundamental part of your swing which can be easily rectified using this booklet.

This lesson takes you through a tried and trusted approach to building a good golf swing. The basics; grip, address position, posture, balance, tempo; are easy to learn and if learned correctly can greatly enhance the speed at which the game is mastered; increasing the enjoyment and success of the golfer.

By the end of this lesson you will have learned (or for many of you re-learned) the basics of a good golf swing. You will have the essential information you need to rehearse and then execute a decent golf shot; and will have gained the knowledge to get your swing back on track if things go awry.

Here's a few examples of the tips below:

David Wilkinson swinging his golf club back.


The correct takeaway

There is no roll or twist of the hands on the takeaway.

At halfway back the shaft runs down the right arm.

[Check: The butt of the club should be pointing between you and the ball]

David Wilkinson swinging his golf club back over his shoulder and head.


The correct position at the top

A good takeaway to halfway back position makes a good backswing almost certain.

From halfway back to the top of the backswing the shoulders and hips complete the turn as the arms swing up to their full leverage.


David Wilkinson hitting a golf ball.


The correct position at impact

At impact the right side of the body must turn towards the target to allow the club to travel cleanly through the ball.



David Wilkinson after hitting a golf ball with golf club over his shoulder

The correct follow through

It is not enough to just hit the ball.

The ball must be driven forwards.

To do this your hands and arms and body must be travelling through the ball in unison.



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